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Christian Meditation with Children
The World Community for
Christian Meditation
Meditation with Children
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    "Every night I had to struggle with my son Michel, who always managed to find excuses for not going
    to sleep.  One day he asked about God, he was 4 years old.  I explained to him that God was our
    Creator and that Jesus, his son, had come to earth to be our friend.  I told him that Jesus was in his
    heart and that He was waiting for him.  Michel asked me how could he speak to Jesus.  I told him that
    he had needed a special word to speak to Jesus - that the word was Maranatha.  I explained to  him
    that this special sacred word was not so much about speaking to Jesus, but to listen to Jesus.  He
    then started meditating  - at first playfully, moving around, but little by little Michel learned to be still
    and deeply concentrate in repeating the mantra. Our best time is when hewentto sleep, as he likedto
    meditate right after his shower and before going to sleep.  He said:  "Jesus is with me all the time!".