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    It may seem a paradox to many that children can be still and silent and enjoy it, but like
    adults, children also yearn for the experience of meeting God.  Young children have a great
    openness to the presence of God in their lives and a real readiness for prayer.  If they are
    taught when they are young to be still and silent so that their heart can be opened to the
    movement of the Spirit, the presence of Jesus and the embrace of God, they will have a gift
    which will continue to bring them great blessings throughout their life.

    It is important that even the smallest child learn to be still and not just be quiet.  Being still is
    very different to being quiet.  It is in their stillness that God can speak to their hearts and they
    can discover the love of God for each of them personally.

    Respecting children as human individuals in their own right is still a novel idea.  The idea, that
    children may have deep spiritual awareness before they are taught a religious faith, is only
    now starting to be acknowledged.  At times we underestimate children.

    We strongly recommend the use of MARANATHA from age 5 and then to use the same word
    throughout life.
I felt like I was in Jesus’ house.(yr.1)
I felt God inside my heart (yr. 2)
It is good to meditate every day (yr.3)
When we meditate we are with God (yr 5)
When I meditate I become calm and still (yr.7).