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Christian Meditation with Children
The World Community for
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Meditation with Children
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    KIM NATARAJAhas been leading 'The School' of The World Community for Christian Meditation on
    behalf of Father Laurence for the past seven years; she is also an Oblate of the Community since
    1998.  One of her tasks is to coordinate all the initiatives to do with 'Meditation with Children'
    worldwide and to put people in touch and disseminate materials.  If you would like to be put on the
    'Meditation with Children' e-mail listto be kept informed of developments and share materials
    please contact her atIf you would like to know more about
    'The School' pleaseclick here. 
    GREGORY RYANcorresponded with John Main in the late 1970’s before becoming an oblate
    memberof theCommunity in 1981. Greg, who with his wife Liz has two grown daughters, has
    been a teacherin the primarygrades for more than 30 years. He wroteMy Happy Heart, Prayer
    of the Heartforyoung children andcomposed and performed the companion CD,My Happy
    Heart Sings,publishedby Medio Media.  Please alsoclick hereto see more information about
    Greg´s work.
    BARBARAO’HALLORAN is a social worker.  She has twenty years experience working with young
    people and families, including ten years as the Student Counsellor at St Michael’s College.  In
    additionto her counselling, she assisted in the college’s religious education program.  Barbara has
    hadextensive experience in developing and conducting faith formation programs in meditation and
    otherareas.  She is currently the Co-ordinator in South Australia for the Australian Christian
    MeditationCommunity.  She is the author ofLike a Childseries of books.  
    ERNIE CHRISTIE-  Married with three children. Has been meditating for over twelve years. His current
    role is Director of Religious Education, Curriculum and ICT at Townsville Catholic Education Office in
    North Queensland. He looks after 31 schools 15,000 students and 1,200 teachers. He is North
    Queensland Coordinator for Christian Meditation and has been for three years. Their Diocese under
    Bishop Michael Putney is currently introducing a system wide program of teacher meditation to
    children which has become part of the prayer experience for all students in our schools. Ernie has a
    Masters degree in Theology, a master’s degree in Education, a Diploma in Physical Education and a
    Bachelors Degree in Education. He loves icon paintings and playing squash and walking.  He is the
    author of'TeachingChristian Meditation to Children: Coming Home'
    SISTER MADELEINEmet John Main in 1975 and was strongly influenced by his teaching a formof
    meditation deriving principally from John Cassian and the Desert Fathers and found explicitlyin the
    'Cloud of Unknowing'. She was the first Director of the Meditation Centre in London.  Sheis the
    author of'Born Contemplative'.
    LUCÍA GAYÓNmetFather Johnand Father Laurencein 1981 and became an Oblate in 1983.  She isthe
    webmistress ofthis program and is also responsible ofsendingthe weekly newsletters for parents
    andteachers.Begoña Siegrist andLucíacoordinatethe work of the WCCM in Mexico. Lucíais
    responsiblefor 5other websitesforthe Community, coordinates an internet meditation group for the
    LatinAmerican communityand one group in Ixtapa,Mexico. She hasalso translated into Spanish
    some booksfromFather Johnand loves to create websites for the Community.
    LAURENCE FREEMANis a Benedictine monk of the Congregation of Monte Oliveto and director of
    The World Community for Christian Meditation. John Main was his spiritual teacher and he helped
    him establish the first meditation group in London in 1976and a few years later theCommunity in
    Montreal. Right from the beginning children formed part of the groups in Montreal. Inthe last few
    years he has paid extra attention to encouraging the teaching of meditation to childrenand young
    adults. He has been actively involved in the Townsville initiative in Australia to bringmeditation to
    children in 31 Schools and the setting up of a Meditation Centre in the campus ofGeorgetown
    University,USA.  When on his journeys round the world to spread the word of ChristianMeditation
    healways makes a point of visiting and supporting those who teach meditation tochildren.
    RUTH FOWLERwas the co-founder of the Christian Meditation community in Australia in 1985, and led the
    community in its formative early years.  She is the National Coordinator of the School for ChristianMeditation
    and in this capacity has presented School weekends in Australia and New Zealand.  She alsocontributes at
    an international level as a member of the International Resource Group of 'The School' to thedevelopment of
    resources for the WCCM.  Ruth leads a meditation group and has given manypresentations to groups
    interested in Christian Meditation.  She has lived in western and eastern monasticsettings and is interested
    in the points of meeting between the two.

    Ruth has recently been also asked to undertake for the World Community for Christian Meditation the work
    of supporting the introduction of Christian Meditation in schools, based on the work of Ernie Christie  In this
    capacity as, WCCM Coordinator- Coming Home -  Teaching Christian Meditation to Students, Ruth is
    organizing an Australasian Seminar on this topic in Australia in April 2008
    ( ), in Melbourne Australia.  She is also working with other membersof
    the Community to develop guidelines and resources to assist with the introduction of ChristianMeditation
    firstly to teachers and to students.  Further information can be obtained by contacting Ruth on
    or telephone  61 3 9484 1328.
Children meditating in a school in
Mexico City